About Us

Hardware On The Square in San Augustine is a family oriented business. Joe and Buster jumped into the hardware business in 2014. Buster had run a successful plumbing and electrician business in San Augustine for almost 40 years. The hardware store came up for sale and Joe and Buster decided that the hardware store would be a perfect new venture for them.

Buster is a master plumber, master electrician, and is the inspector for the City of San Augustine. He has a wealth of knowledge and is especially talented at explaining how things should work. If you have a project that has stumped you, he is always willing to help you make a plan on how to tackle your project.

Ginger was a schoolteacher for many years. She retired from teaching so she could keep the books for Buster’s plumbing business. She just transitioned to the hardware store bookkeeping. Ginger is an invaluable part of our business even though most people never know she is back in the office.

Joe had been a missionary for 15 years in Africa. The years of living in civil war torn countries and the tropical diseases had made Joe decide to relocate back home to San Augustine. The hardware store was a perfect opportunity for him to be able to continue some of his ministry opportunities while supporting his family.

Joe and Buster took the super business, the former owner of the hardware store and decided to make it better. Adding services and products while maintaining the hometown feel and amazing personal service that the store was known for.

One of the first things they did was lower the prices on most items back to the manufacturer suggested prices. Even though the store is far away from any other store, the people in San Augustine deserve to be able to get the items they need at a fair price right in their own neighborhood.

After searching for a reliable hardware supplier the Consfords spoke to Do It Best Corp. The relationship between Hardware on the Square and Do It Best has been perfect. Great products at a great price, it’s a win win.

The hardware store has really done well since they partnered with Do It Best. They have been the Texas Small Business of the year, the chamber of commerce awarded the hardware store with the Faith in the Community award, and most recently Governor Greg Abbot awarded the hardware store for their response to the Covid virus.

In 2020 the hardware store opened a second location. Broaddus was in need of a hardware store and Joe and Buster decided to fill that need. Lots of work went into cleaning up the new location. The store was an old fuel station. They worked hard to get the fuel station up and running too. They set up a propane tank and got the required license to fill propane cylinders.

The coffee shop and pizza shop were a good fit in Broaddus too. The same menu is offered in Broaddus.

It is our goal to make going to the hardware store a great experience. Like going to see your favorite neighbor. When you walk into our store we want you to feel at home.

We are very community oriented. Joe and Buster are very involved in the volunteer fire department. Joe is the Assistant Pastor at Central Baptist Church. Joe is also on the advisory board of the Main Street committee in San Augustine.

The great thing about our community is that we all know each other. Helping our neighbors do what needs to be done is our great pleasure.

We hope you come into the hardware store. To have you as our customer would be great, but to know you as our neighbor is even better! When you come in our door we hope you feel right at home.