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In 1981, when Joe was a four-year-old boy, he met Dr Earl White. Dr. White was a professor at the college where his father attended. Dr. White remained a friend and a mentor to Joe for the rest of his life.

In the 1990s, Dr. White started The Morning Meditation. He wrote a new meditation each day and sent it out by email every day. Joe got his first e-mail account specifically for the purpose of reading these meditations.

In 2013, while Joe was a missionary in West Africa, he began to publish podcasts. It was a great way to put together good information that people could consume on the go!

One morning while reading the meditation email, Joe got the idea that he should read them out loud and share them with others. They could listen to them on their way to work or while getting ready for the day.

Joe called Dr. White and asked him if he could publish these meditations in audio form. Dr. White gave him permission. So far, Joe has recorded over 300 of these meditations, and they are available to you here in the form of a podcast.

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