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How to order for curbside pick up 


  1. Click on the Red Shop Now Button Below
  2. Make sure at the top left of the page that you enter your zip code so that Hardware on the Square in San Augustine is the store where you are shopping.
  3. Search for the product that you desire and add them to your cart.
  4. Make sure you check “Free Ship to Store.”
  5. Check out and enter your billing and contact information.
  6. When the items arrive at the store, I will contact you by email or phone to let you know your items are ready for pickup.



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Do It Best is the world’s largest hardware supplier, and now we have that kind of world class hardware available in our little town. You can visit our downtown location and know that we are part of something bigger.   We have things available to us that we used to have to go out of town to get.  Now we can get those items at unbelievably low prices and hometown style service right in our own little hardware store.  


Lumber in San Augustine has always been a problem. This new online option is going to help us build a great store in San Augustine. We thank all of our customers, and we look forward to serving you to the best of our ability.

Finally a way to shop for all of your hardware needs and have them delivered right to your hometown with no added shipping cost! Hardware on the Square now has an online store. You can order anything from our huge catalog, and it will be delivered to our store for you to pick up at your convenience. There is no shipping charge ever. Do It Best is the world’s largest hardware supplier, and now you can get anything in their catalog delivered right to our store with no extra cost to you. 


For example, if you were to want a specific water heater, all you have to do is go to and search for the water heater that you would like. Then select your zip code, and the website will find the nearest Do It Best location. In San Augustine County and even in the greater East Texas area, it will be  Hardware on the Square in San Augustine. You can pay for your order right on  Then, the Tuesday after you place your order, the water heater you selected will be delivered to our store. I will check the water heater and make sure it is the one you purchased. I will send an email to you and let you know your order is ready to be picked up. We will load your water heater with a smile!   


Sometimes I know what I want, but browsing through a good catalog helps me make a better decision. Getting to look at the tools and compare brands, looking at the different models, and reading reviews – all of these things can help me make a better buying decision.  


On the website, there are weekly specials and sales that are not always listed in the store. It can be exciting to find things on sale on our website.  I was looking today and saw something I wanted, and it was on sale – half price!  What?! Make sure you check out our weekly specials on the web!


On occasion, there are even contests listed on this page that you can enter to win products from some of our venders. It is always fun to win stuff!  You can’t win if you don’t play the game. Make sure you visit our online store often so you can see these special contests. Our vendors are so amazing that they offer these amazing prizes.


There are also many articles on this website that can help you learn what you need to do the project at your house. These articles are written by professionals that know the products they are talking about.  Projects are so much fun when you have the correct tools and supplies to get things done.  


I know that shopping online has its advantages. Our catalog has millions of items to choose from.  If you ever need any help, you can call us at (936)275-9474 and we will be able to help you order any of these items.  Our store has limited space, but we have almost an unlimited ability to help you find just the exact thing you are looking for. If we don’t have it on our shelves, we will gladly order it for you. Now, however, you can do shopping right from your own computer or cell phone.  And you get the experience of visiting our store when you come to pick up your item. That’s the whole point of a hometown hardware store, the experience of visiting with your neighbors. Once you place your order and it arrives, we look forward to your visit; and if you have any questions about your purchase, Joe or Buster will be glad to answer any questions.  


All kinds of items are available for your convenient pickup, large and small! Go ahead and do some online shopping and support your local business at the same time.  What a great way to help support our community and help us be a good neighbor to you and your family.