We have a superb knowledge about plumbing. We know how to get the job done, and we have the parts you need to do your job. If you are a professional, we have what you need to do your job. If you are attempting a DIY project and you get stumped, we are here to answer all of your questions.


We have lots of electrical parts to help you get your project completed in a timely manner! Get the job done with quality parts. Not sure what you need? Just ask us! We know how to help you get your project done without having to dive to a bigger town to get what you need.


We have a great paint section at HOTS! Spray paint and stains, paint for all types of surfaces – we know what you need. We have an excellent selection of custom colors. Pick out the color for your project, and we will mix it while you wait. Enjoy a great cup of artisan coffee in our coffee bar while we professionally mix your custom paint color. If you need to match a color, we can scan an item and match that color. We can’t wait to help you! We mix the paint on location.

Builders Hardware

We have a great selection of builders hardware. Henges, handles, latches, fasteners of all kinds, nuts, bolts, all kinds of screws – the list goes on and on! Not sure what you need? Just tell us what you are trying to do, and we can help you get that done!

Lawn and Garden

We have the normal kinds of lawn and garden items such as fertilizer, pesticides, and other kinds of chemicals to help you have a healthy garden. We also have the tools you need to get your lawn or garden in tip-top shape. We also have seasonal bedding plants. We work hard to make sure we have healthy plants for you to grow the garden of your dreams. Looking for good fresh seeds? We keep only the best, and we have a great selection of seeds that are the varieties that work beat in our area. We also specialize in fruit trees. I personally go and pick out the trees we sell. Only the best will do! In the spring, we are known for our ferns – the biggest and greenest Boston ferns you have ever seen. I go to a nursery, and I walk the green houses and pick only the best. We do the same thing in the fall with mums. Our porch in the fall is a cornucopia of color!

Traeger Grills

Have you seen all those infomercials about pellet grills? Well, what they show you is the truth! Set it and forget it! We have tried many brands, and I am confident when I say that Traeger grills are the best. They have amazing customer service! Their build quality is superb! We have amazing prices, and we assemble the grills and start them up for you. That initial burn is done outside of our store so that when you unload your grill, it is ready to cook! We have a good selection of pellets, and we have them at a super price. If you have questions about cooking with your grill, we have tried lots of methods, and we can tell you what has worked best for us. However, we are always willing to learn; so, if you find something that works well for you, please let us know so that we can try it too!


We have a super selection of convenience lumber on hand in our store! We don’t have enough lumber to build a house or anything like that, but we have enough lumber to help you finish a project without having to drive for hours to find a single board. We have the only lumber for sale in San Augustine county. We are always working hard to keep excellent lumber at a competitive price.

Deer Corn

We specialize in super clean corn for your deer feeders. We try to keep some corn in stock year around; but during deer season and the weeks leading up to deer season, we have plenty of corn in stock. We are always here to load it for you. We are not like the other stores who sell deer corn. When you pay for corn here, you pay for the experience of having it loaded in your vehicle with a smile.

Windowpanes and Plexiglass

In San Augustine, we cut glass and plexiglass to order. It is a much needed service in our community during the summer. Those pesky lawnmowers! We also sell BBs! So, don’t shoot your eye out; but if a window gets broken, we are here for you!

Small Tool Rental

We have tools to rent. We must be the only coffee shop in the world where you can order a latte and rent a jackhammer! We have things like tile saws, jack hammers, rotary hammer drills, carpet machines, and things like that.