Broaddus Car Wash| A History of Car Wash – Broaddus Car Wash was a well known landmark for many years. Located behind the gas station in Broaddus and next to a popular eating place, it was one of the essential services in Broaddus.

For many years, the car wash has been out of service. A hurricane damaged the roof, and the equipment had fallen into disrepair. However, Hardware on the Square in Broaddus is proud to announce that Broaddus Car Wash | Car Wash on the Square is now open.  Broaddus Car Wash is back in tip top shape and is ready to wash your car, truck, or boat. The vacuum is up and running too.

Located near Sam Rayburn Reservoir, Broaddus Car Wash is a perfect place to wash your boat.  

The History of the Car Wash

Think about car washes. They really have evolved since the first Automobile Laundry opened in 1914. People would push your car through a tunnel where someone would wet it down; the next person would scrub it; the next person would wash it; then, finally it would be dried – all by hand. They would polish the brass and make the car look special.

Then automatic car washes started to be developed. Some say they were developed in Europe first; others say they started in California. I am not sure which, but I am sure as a kid it was always fun to drive through these machines that sprayed water and multi-colored foam on the windows. 

In the early 1920s, there were car washes in Europe with soap sprayers and steam powered brushes. They even had 50-horsepower blowers to dry your car. I am sure that people came for the show just to see cars being washed.

Today there are places where the car washes are fully automatic. You can have a car completely washed and dried and never even get out of the car. It is amazing how far the car wash industry has come.

Car soaps and waxes are so advanced. This soap that is in the car wash is not dish soap. It is specifically designed to protect your car finish. The wax is designed to stick to the surface of the paint without having to be polished. The no-spot rinse does what it is designed to do.

Car Wash Memories

The self-serve car wash was always fun too. For instance, I can remember as a child going to a car wash the first time. Dad got out and put the coins in the machine. He sprayed the windows, and I would duck. It was a natural reaction! I hope you take your kids to a local car wash, maybe even Broaddus Car Wash, and let them experience the wonder of car wash memories.

Our children like “the spider” the best. It is an automated car wash. The long pieces of cloth cover the car as the car moves through. It resembles a giant spider. People who are claustrophobic do not prefer “the spider.” 

Some car washes still have an assembly line detailing service, much like the first car washes. But, there is something about washing your car yourself. As a matter of fact, that satisfaction of knowing that you have a clean car is hard to beat, especially if you cleaned it yourself. 

Many Activities

At Broaddus Car Wash, we have so much to offer! You can not only wash your car, but you can also vacuum your car. Come into Hardware on the Square and get a latte and then go enjoy the good coffee while your husband washes the car. You can get an old-fashioned bottle of soda, and the kids can put down their electronics for a moment and experience just a taste of yesteryear.

At Hardware on the Square in Broaddus, Tx, we have many activities going on. Broaddus Car Wash is our newest addition. We have the full-service fuel station, and we are one of the only stations in the southern half of the county that has Diesel. We have a great selection of all the hardware supplies you could need. If you have been looking for a special item that you just cannot find, please let us know.  If we don’t have it in stock, we would be happy to order it for you.

We have a propane filling station. Get your propane cylinders of all shapes and sizes filled (starting with 20 lb. bottles). We have a great price on propane too.   

Coffee and Pizza

A full service coffee shop in Broaddus? Yes! We can make your favorite espresso-based drinks to order. Our great staff is always willing to take your special order.

We have Homemade Pizza cooked in a brick oven!  As a result, it is delicious. This is not a gas station pizza. We make your pizzas fresh when ordered. Call ahead, and it will be hot and ready when you come to our establishment.

We have what people have said is the cleanest restrooms around Sam Rayburn because our employees work hard so that you can have a clean place to go.  

Broaddus Car Wash| A History of Car Wash is an interesting read. For more information about the history of car washes, go to this site.

Come on down to Hardware on the Square in Broaddus today! If you call in your order before you come, we can have it ready for you. Call the Broaddus store at 936-872-3227 or the San Augustine store at 936-275-9474. Or, come on in and place your order and get your car washed while you wait. To learn more about all that we have to offer, visit us at