Car Wash

Broaddus Car Wash | Car Wash on The Square

Broaddus Car Wash | Car Wash on the Square. For years there has been no place in Broaddus to wash your vehicle. Now the self service car wash is open for business. The Consford Family and Hardware on the Square are so excited about this opportunity. It is our desire to do everything we can to make Broaddus a great place to live and work. 


Behind Hardware on the Square – Broaddus there is a car wash. It has been here for years.   Many people in this area are very familiar with this car wash. Over the years it had fallen into disrepair, but now it is open again and it works great.   


We have had so many people already come to test it out. We have had great reviews from our customers. I am so excited about getting this project complete.   Broaddus Car Wash | Car Wash on the Square is a great place to wash your car, truck, boat, rv, trailer, or just about anything.


We have a high quality special formula of soap that we use at the car wash in Broaddus.   No one else can duplicate our soap mixture. It is sure to clean the surface of your car while protecting the finish.   


Our foam brush has some great suds. It produces a very colorful and fragrant foam that will help to release the nasty grime on any vehicle surface. It floats the grime off the finish so it will not scratch as the brush does its job.   


The wax is a spray on carnauba wax. It is a high quality wax that will help to protect the paint from sun damage. This wax is a great addition to our services at Broaddus Car Wash | Car Wash on the Square.  

Steps to using Broaddus Car Wash | Car Wash on the Square

  • Locate an empty bay
  • Park your vehicle in the center of the empty bay
  • Select the Rinse cycle 
  • Put 4 American Quarters in the slot (Make sure they are clean and in good shape, bad dirty quarters will stop the machine up)
  • Remove the wand from the pipe
  • Rinse the entire car to release any loose dirt that might scratch the surface.
  • You can add quarters at any time to add additional time to the session
  • Select the Wash Cycle
  • Wash the entire vehicle
  • Select the Foam Brush Cycle
  • Foam the entire vehicle to give it a deep clean
  • Select the high pressure wax Cycle 
  • For best results make sure you use the wax to rinse all the soap off of your vehicle.
  • Use the Rinse Cycle to rinse the wax off of the windows of your vehicle.
  • Replace the wand and foam brush.
  • For best results pull your vehicle out of the bay and use a chamois to dry your vehicle to prevent water spots.

Leaving the bay clean for other customers is always a good practice at any car wash.   I know mud and other things are not avoidable in this area.   But being a good neighbor is what we all strive to be.   


If you ever arrive at the Broaddus Car Wash | Car Wash on the Square and find it in disrepair or in need of cleaning, please call the store number (936) 872-3227 or you can reach me on my cell phone at (936) 275-5177.


We are working hard to make sure to keep the car wash in Broaddus in great shape for your enjoyment. If we all work together we can make this a place everyone can enjoy and a place that will be a blessing to all of our neighbors.


If you need change during business hours we have quarters available in Hardware on The Square.   After hours there is a quarter change machine located at the washateria next to Brookshire Brothers.   


Broaddus Car Wash | Car Wash on the Square is just another great opportunity to shop local.   It is so great to have a community that supports each other in such a great way.   We love the way Broaddus comes together to help its businesses operate in such a small rural community.   


The Consford Family is proud to be a part of the Broaddus community and if we can ever be of service please let us know how we can help.   You can always reach us by calling ether store number or on our website.   


There will be signs posted in each bay that have all of our contact information and a way to leave reviews and comments about the car wash.   We are always interested in hearing about your experience at the car wash in Broaddus.

My email address is  please feel free to send me any comments or complaints.  I will always do my best to address the issue.  We at Broaddus Car Wash | Car Wash on the Square are very excited to have you as our customers and neighbors!