At Hardware on the Square, the best hardware store in San Augustine, we work hard to help you work more efficiently. Chainsaws work so much better when the chain is sharp. At Hardware on the Square, we provide a chainsaw sharpening service at HOTS, and we can do it the right way.

Sharpening A Chainsaw

Because we wanted to get great advice from experts on how to do things properly, we have sought the advice of some small engine shops and saw shops; therefore, we discovered that sharpening chains with this type of machine is the best way to get a consistent job done. Chainsaw Sharpening at HOTS is a special service that we provide daily.

San Augustine Hardware | Hardware On The Square | Chainsaw Sharpening Service at HOTS

Since many of our customers are expert chainsaw operators, they can sharpen a chain with a hand file, and it will cut so perfectly. However, some of our customers are like me, not an expert at all! I needed some way to get a consistent angle and make my chainsaw cut straight.

I sought the advice of Eli at Superior Power Equipment Sales and Service. He showed me how to use a machine designed to sharpen chains. Now I always have a sharp saw ready to get the job done. It is fast and efficient, and we do it for you here at Hardware on the Square.

I did find this interesting article on how to sharpen your chain by hand. You might find it interesting as well. Chainsaw Sharpening Guide

For a better understanding of chainsaw sharpening angles, go to this site.

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