At Hardware on the Square, the best hardware store in San Augustine, purchasing the best v-belt is made easy with our great selection of v-belts and pulleys. It is very difficult to find a place that will measure your belt and get you the exact v-belt you need for your project.

V Belt Transmission

Joe and Buster have had trouble finding a place that will offer great service when it comes to v-belts. Most auto parts stores carry all of the belt sizes. But if you don’t know the make and model, they can’t help you. For instance, some say “My fan does not have a make or model.” Others say, “I need a belt that matches this one.” At Hardware on the Square, we can help you when purchasing the best v-belt!

San Augustine Hardware | Hardware On The Square | Purchasing the Best V-Belts and Pulleys

At Hardware on the Square, the best hardware store in San Augustine, we are here to help you. We have a tool to measure your old belt. We will help you find the best belt to get your equipment back in running order.

If you need to change the speed of the fan or equipment, the easiest way is by changing the pulley size. We keep a large selection of pulleys, and we can help you make a great decision to make this project work great!

Here are the things to keep in mind when purchasing the best V-Belt:

    • Am I just replacing a belt?
    • Bring the old belt to be measured.
    • Am I going to change the pulley size?
    • Bring the old pulley so we can help you make a decision on speed and shaft size.
    • Do I need a tool to pull the pulley off of the shaft?
    • We keep those in stock, and we will be happy to show you how that works.
    • For a brief description of the common types of V-belts, go to this site.

Visit us at Hardware On The Square for purchasing the best v-belt!

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