In this video: The Ultimate Guide on How To Use a Plunger, Hardware on the Square, the only place to get lumber in San Augustine County, has a great staff.  Joe and Buster will show you tips and tricks to do little jobs around your house. These tips will save you time and money and make you laugh while you learn.  So buckle up and enjoy this week’s exciting trip through the weird and wonderful world of DIY projects you can do at home.

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In this video, we will show you how we have learned to use a plunger to unclog a clogged toilet. There is a well-kept secret that the professionals use when you pay them to come to your house.

Buster was a plumber for over forty years.  He and Joe have used this trick successfully hundreds of times. This is a tried and tested method.  Watch the video and enjoy a laugh with us.

Be sure to watch the ultimate guide on how to use a plunger.

6 Easy Steps for the Ultimate Guide on How to Use a Plunger!

When you realize that there is a problem, it is not time to panic!   You don’t want the toilet to overflow on the floor. You can see the water climbing in the bowl. The fear will cause you to panic just a little bit. Fight the urge to scream and remember what you need to do!  Just turn the water off at the valve behind the toilet. Then, follow these simple steps to unclog the pesky problem.

  • Lift the seat so you can see the problem and not get a mess on the underside of the seat.
  • Put a generous amount of liquid dish soap in the toilet bowl.
  • Use a good quality plunger.   Make sure it is one that will get a good seal in the bowl.
  • Plunge like you mean it!   Don’t be timid; you will not break anything.  
  • When the water starts to go down in the bowl, you can then turn the water back on under the toilet. 
  • Wait for the tank to fill back up and give the toilet a flush.


What if this ultimate guide on how to use a plunger did not work?

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